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It is our commitment to always have something for you that suits your needs.

We carry them in Stock all Strength and Certified fitters available.

We offer a wide range of choices, aiming to satisfy prescriptions as well. Our specialty includes comprehensive medical and surgical supplies. Rest assured that we have Certified Fitters who can make sure your mastectomy products and compression garments, among others, will be perfect for your fit and your needs.

The medical and surgical supplies that we provide include, but are not limited to:

Durable Medical Equipment

subtab medical supplies

Compression Garments

Sigvaris compression stocking
Sigvaris compression stocking
Circaid Klinika Flebologii
Circaid Klinika Flebologii

We have Mediven, Circaid, or Sigvaris brands of compression arm sleeves, gauntlets, stockings, and more — all of which may be customized to fit you perfectly.

Orthopedic Braces

ankle brace

We have FLA/BSN Brand

Thanks to FLA/BSN company, we provide wrist splints, knee braces, ankle braces, shoulder braces, back braces, etc.

Ostomy Supplies

ostomy supplies

Offering various supplies for your ostomy needs, we carry Convatec and Hollister products.

Adult Incontinence Products

adult diapers

Whether you prefer Attends or Depend products, we have what you need for your incontinence problems.

Mastectomy Products

silicone breast prosthesis

With the help of Amoena company, we provide all kinds of silicone breast prosthesis and mastectomy bra, among others.

silicone breast prosthesis

Amoena is the company and we are certified Fitters available for perfect Fit.

We also offer:

  • Bathroom safety equipment
  • Walking aids
  • Bed rails
  • And more
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For more information about the durable medical equipment, surgical supplies, pharmaceutical products that we offer, please feel free to leave us a message at any time.